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The new aids are just brilliant, and I cannot believe what a step forward they are.


  • The thinner lower aids do not rub on my glasses and so do not give me the irritating noise that I used to get when eating – a major bonus.
  • Background noise is markedly reduced and I can now go into a restaurant and enjoy the company without being distracted by fellow diners around.
  • Wind noise has almost gone – though not completely. It used to be a big problem with my old aids – especially when sailing.
  • I am finally getting the Phonak App to work and have now been able to put a new setting on it so that I can eliminate irritating interference from the alternator on my boat!

I am really pleased with them and consider the extra expense well worth it. I would be very happy to recommend you and Cecil Amey to friends and family. Best wishes – Tom Moore – 31/08/2023

I would like to thank you again for the very efficient and considerate service you gave me last week when I was having trouble with my hearing aids.You were good enough to see me at very short notice right at the end of the working day – not only once but twice – providing me with loan devices while my own  are off for repair.Without good hearing, I would certainly not have been able to share in the running of the painting/creative writing workshop I ran with my daughter on Saturday for more than a dozen attendees.In fact the event raised £200 for the charity which my son (a senior probation officer) helped to set up and is a trustee of, which provides shelter and support for the victims of domestic violence.

Engaging with such a number of people required very good hearing indeed.

Many thanks again.
Yours, Bob (Brandt)  Holt Practice 15/05/2023

Tom hi,
I must drop you a line to say what an excellent hearing aid appointment I had  with Josh Sperring on 1st Feb. You have great newly refurbished premises in Halesworth and Josh expertly gave my aids a thorough maintenance check, retuning and adjusting for my wife’s quiet voice, onto insurance and how if they got damaged you would assist with a claim- then to find out the appointment, one of 6, cost was already included in my original purchase price was fantastic!.  As he walked me to the door I felt it had been a great professional experience I can look forward to relying on in the future.
Well done. & Kind regards
Richard Sewell – Halesworth 1/02/2023

“We all get to an age where our hearing starts to play tricks, the faces we make and embarrassment when you’re constantly saying huh…
The initial assessment helped me to understand exactly how my hearing was being affected.
I have been invited back for a second assessment, where I will have an opportunity to trial a no obligation aid to see if I find any improvement.
The staff are all very friendly and regardless of wether or not it’s the right time for me to consider a hearing aid, I highly recommend a free no obligation first assessment, you really don’t need to suffer the frustration of hearing difficulties.”

Glen Weston – Aylsham – 29/10/2022

I had a hearing test carried out and it was very professional but at the same time very relaxed. It wasn’t until I had the trial Aids fitted that I reaslised how deaf I was ! I can hear but the new aids made it so much better, I can’t wait to collect my new ‘ears’ next Thursday.

Mrs Dunce – 22/07/2022

My ‘hearing journey’ began with the offer of a free hearing test when I attended a routine eye check-up at Cecil Amey over 3 years ago. At the time I was aware that my hearing was not as sharp as it used to be, so I accepted the offer. On reflection I appreciate how helpful this was, as I doubt I would have booked a separate appointment at that time, either at a hearing care specialist or via the NHS.
The results of the test indicated some partial loss of hearing, so an appointment for a full hearing assessment was then made at the Cecil Amey branch in Halesworth.
I was not looking forward to having to wear hearing aids, mainly because of what I thought I knew about them, such as the discomfort of the plastic moulding fitting into the ear, fiddly batteries which had to be regularly replaced and most of all, the electronic or artificial quality of the sound. So I was amazed and relieved when I was given a pair of Phonak aids to try. There was a small rubber dome which neatly and comfortably fitted into the ear canal, the hearing aids were easily recharged in a
compact charger case (i.e. no small batteries to deal with), and the quality of the sound was so natural. It was this sound quality which particularly surprised and delighted me.
My current hearing loss is mild to moderate, and I have recently started to use Phonak Audéo Lumity aids. As with my previous Phonak aids all the above attributes are there, but I am aware there is also a distinct improvement in the aids distinguishing between surrounding sounds and speech. I also find them more comfortable to wear for longer than my previous aids. The clever technology detects any changes in my surroundings and adjusts accordingly. I describe my experience wearing them as
‘clarity without volume’. And I love the quality of the sound when streaming music or radio, or taking phone calls via my mobile phone.
At my first hearing test and in the years since having hearing aids fitted, I have been impressed by the customer care and professional service I have received from Cecil Amey. I particularly appreciate their current ethos and approach, led by the Head of Hearing and I value the understanding shown of my needs, as someone who requires hearing support.
So yes, I am very happy to recommend both Cecil Amey Hearing Care and Phonak hearing aids to family, friends and anyone who is thinking they too might need to start their own hearing journey.

A, (Halesworth, Suffolk), Oct 2022



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If you wish to be notified of Cecil Amey Opticians regular offers and news on store events please enter your email address below.