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Who are Cecil Amey?

Cecil Amey provides independent, specialist hearing care in Norwich, Norfolk and Suffolk. We want to provide you with the best audiology experience by listening to your story and responding to it with the best service, best practices and best technology.

The demand for ear care services is growing rapidly due to an evergrowing older population. On top of this, exposure to loud noises such as music and machinery, the increased use of headphones, and even the way we clear our ears using cotton ear buds has an adverse effect to our daily lives. So regardless of your age, we encourage you to participate in hearing tests.

For more information on ear hearing aids, hearing tests and ear wax removal get in contact with our team in one of our Norfolk or Suffolk branches.

We have practices in Aylsham, Attleborough, Dereham, Harleston, Halesworth, Holt, Norwich, Watton, Wroxham & Wymondham.


Why is it important to care for your hearing?

Your ears provide a vital link to the world around you. Hearing well enables us to communicate with others, gain information and enjoy the sounds around us. We often take our hearing for granted, and over time any gradual deterioration can impact on many aspects of our lives which is why we are dedicated to offering people of all ages the option to obtain an ear test and advice on care. Any of our friendly audiologists can help you choose the best hearing care actions to take.

Hearing loss affects approximately 500 million people worldwide, which is even more reason to act properly when you feel your hearing is deteriorating. Although people of all ages can develop hearing loss, those over 50 years of age are particularly affected. In fact, hearing loss is the third most common chronic disorder. It is invisible and usually gradual, but it can have a profound impact.

Identify the early signs of deteriorated hearing, by learning about hearing care with Cecil Amey. It is important to spot early signs as to not let hearing impact your day to day life.

Things to look out for:
• Difficulty hearing people when they speak clearly.
• Asking people to repeat themselves frequently.
• Misinterpreting or misunderstanding something someone has said.
• Asking people to speak up.
• The feeling of fullness in the ears, dizziness or vertigo.

Why choose us? 

As an independent supplier, we can offer the best hearing aids from the top manufacturers that are trustworthy and reliable with your best interest in mind. This also means that we can choose the best solution for your unique requirements, and ensure that the hearing aids are fitted correctly to your prescription. Book a hearing test with us today or Contact any of our ten practices in Norfolk, Suffolk or North Norfolk to find out more: NorwichAttleboroughAylshamDerehamHarlestonHalesworthHolt,
WattonWymondham or Wroxham.


We offer services such as hearing tests, hearing aid fittings and ear wax removal. Ear wax removal can make a significant difference to your hearing and ear health, making sure that your ears are clear, clean, and not suffering from any blockage or strain that could impact your hearing.

Book your appointment today.



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Sign up for Cecil Amey News & Offers

If you wish to be notified of Cecil Amey Opticians regular offers and news on store events please enter your email address below.