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Deterioration in your eyesight can be so gradual that it often goes unnoticed, but a regular eye examination with a Cecil Amey will ensure that your eyes are receiving the best possible care.  Our eye tests may take slightly longer than an eye test at other opticians, but this allows us to guarantee a thorough and professional examination and an accurate prescription. It also means that we can detect any early signs of an eye condition so they can be dealt with promptly and effectively. If you would like to book an eye examination with us, you can either book an appointment online, or contact one of our locations directly.


At Cecil Amey, we are dedicated to providing you with the highest standards of eye care and customer service. All our opticians are highly-qualified experts and can offer both Private and NHS sight tests. Lots of people are entitled to an NHS funded sight test, but many are unsure whether they are eligible for a free eye examination or not. To check if you are eligible see our Advice page, or talk to a member of our experienced Cecil Amey team.


Cecil Amey is pleased to offer Colorimetry Assessments. The use of coloured overlays and precision tints can be extremely beneficial to people with dyslexia and visual stress. It can also benefit some migraine sufferers. Following a successful coloured overlay trial, a Colorimetry Assessment can determine the most appropriate precision tint which can then be incorporated in either prescription or non-prescription spectacles. These can greatly improve a persons comfort with reading, writing and computer use or those with light sensitivity.

Dry Eye Clinic



The Dry Eye Clinic is a specialist eye care service to diagnose and manage Ocular surface disease, relieving dry eye symptoms & preventing long-term complications

Patients will need two 30 minute appointments with our specialist Optometrist or Contact Lens Optician for an in-depth assessment, during these appointments the patient will receive a Tear Osmolarity test and a BlephEx treatment – http://www.blephexlids.co.uk/
We stock all the products the patient will need following on from the appointment.
Double appointment – Assessment, Osmolarity & BlephEx – £100.
Single appointment – BlephEx – £60.00.
Please note this is not the same as an eye test appointment and patients should have an up to date test before booking an appointment. Please call our Watton practice for more information on 01953 881535

Recent testimonial :

“Having suffered with watery, sore, red eyes for many years, it was not until I had the results and diagnosis from the tear lab test at the Cecil Amey Watton dry eye clinic, that I realised I had chronic dry eyes.  Within days of the initial treatment the transformation was remarkable, my eyes feel and look so much better, friends and family have also commented on how well I now look.  The staff at Cecil Amey were very knowledgeable, extremely professional and exceptionally friendly.  I left the clinic with a great deal of good advice and ongoing treatment that continues to keep my eyes feeling better than they have for many years.  If you suspect you may have any symptoms of dry eye, I highly recommend a visit to the dry eye clinic for diagnosis and some excellent advice.”
Gary Long – 14/12/2017


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